Abendsonne Afrika

With their passion for Africa, hand-picked and personally known partners as well as local accommodation they have visited themselves, Abendsonne Afrika guarantees sustainable quality in harmony with nature.

Our Why

Abendsonne Afrika

A trip to Africa should be like immersing yourself in another world: a world in which the senses for the secrets of nature, for wild animals and traditional cultures are sharpened. A world where you get in touch with your soul! A world where you can forget the hustle and bustle of our time for a while! A touch of the soul in connection with the earth!

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The recent pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for an emergency fund to sustain the great work done by Africa’s tourism industry in local communities and conservation initiatives. This is a call to action to travel partners and operators to safeguard Africa’s future and a guide for travellers who understand the vital importance of supporting companies that go the extra, sustainable, mile.

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