Our History

The Africa Change Makers movement was established by the need to build a more resilient future for Africa, its people and wildlife resources. Through the #africachangemakers fund, every trade partner will co-invest $10; $5 per bed night for each transacting partner. This will be used as a ‘war chest’ to tackle future challenges. In so doing, every potential visitor to Africa, travelling with an #africachangemakers partner, will have the opportunity to get involved in the long-term sustainability of our majestic African continent.

Our Partners

All of the Africa Change Makers partners have committed to the long-term sustainability, preservation and protection of the African continent, its wildlife and communities. Through contributing a minimum of US$5 per bednight, each partner will be building their crisis fund along with a co-partner for future calamities that arrives on Africa’s doorstep. Our Partners understand the need to build a more resilient future.

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The recent pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for an emergency fund to sustain the great work done by Africa’s tourism industry in local communities and conservation initiatives. This is a call to action to travel partners and operators to safeguard Africa’s future and a guide for travellers who understand the vital importance of supporting companies that go the extra, sustainable, mile.

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